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“Vega not only a great painter but also have a great heart!’

In the bustling city on planet X-TLAS, there lived a talented artist named Vega. One day, a wealthy patron approached Vega to paint a magnificent spaceship that would embark on a thrilling fishing expedition among the cosmic rivers.

As Vega worked meticulously on the painting, he noticed a crack in the spaceship’s hull. Instead of ignoring it, he decided to fix it without mentioning anything to the patron as he understand the potential danger it posed. After the job completed, he handed it over to the patron.

Unbeknownst to the patron, his children eagerly taken the spaceship for a fishing trip as soon as the spaceship reach back home. The patron who knew he haven’t got the crack repaired, was filled with distress upon realizing the potential danger his children faced.

Finally his children returned from their cosmic fishing adventure safe and sound. Overwhelmed with relief, the patron closely examined the spaceship and discovered that the crack was meticulous repair by Vega.

Next day, the patron approached Vega, his eyes filled with gratitude. “My dear painter,” he said, “you have no idea of the significance of your act. Not only you had done a magnificently job but you went beyond and repair the crack, which in the end protected the lives of my precious children. No amount of money can adequately repay for your thoughtful act.”

Moral of the story:

Even the smallest acts of kindness can have profound and life-saving consequences. By going above and beyond, You may have repaired many “cracks” on the way without realizing how many lives you may have impacted. Similarly, many may have fixed holes in your boat without realizing it too

In the year 3023, Earthlings accidentally discover a new planet name X-TLAS, a realm filled with extraordinary wonders & three unique races thrive harmoniously together…

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Your own Immersive Infused Stories

The Magnificent Spacecraft

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