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Planet X-TLAS

In the year 3023, on the captivating planet of X-TLAS, a realm filled with extraordinary wonders, three unique races thrive harmoniously.



Step into the realm of the enigmatic aliens, guardians of nature’s wonders. With a deep affinity for the mountains, forests, and plantations of Xtlas, they embody the essence of the Mother Gaia. Savour their unique connection to the Earth as they delight in their love for both nature and the art of crafting extraordinary tonic.


Witness the brilliance of the ingenious robots, the architects of CYPHER City. Diligent and intelligent, they are the foundation upon which this futuristic realm stands. As you engage with them, prepare to be delighted by their wry sense of humor and robot jokes that reveal their distinctive wit, which only their mechanical minds fully comprehend.


Discover the mischievous otters, playful merchants who call every waterway their home. Found throughout the vibrant underground city, they thrive on their knack for spotting unique treasures and trading them with boundless enthusiasm. Let their infectious energy and love for all things bought and sold enchant you as you navigate the bustling markets of CYPHER.


A bustling metropolis that pulsates with innovation and creativity, serves as a melting pot of cultures and ideas

Quoted the first earthlings

Chapter 1: The Discovery

In the vast expanse of the cosmos, a group of intrepid Earthlings embarked on a routine exploration mission from Mars. Little did they know that their journey would lead them to the enigmatic planet of X-tlas, where the boundaries of reality would be forever altered.

As their spacecraft touched down on the unexplored terrain, the Earthlings were greeted by a breathtaking sight. Nestled in the mountainside, they encountered a race of extraordinary beings known as the aliens. With a warm welcome, the aliens shared tales of their rich culture and the harmonious coexistence of races in X-TLAS.

Eager to further explore this newfound world, the Earthlings ventured into the bustling heart of X-tlas – Cypher City. Here, amidst the futuristic architecture and vibrant streets, they were given the freedom to immerse themselves in the wonders that lay before them.

However, fate had its own plans. A chance encounter with the mischievous otters, one of the unique races of X-tlas, led to an unexpected mishap. In their moment of distress, the Earthlings found themselves rescued by the owner of a renowned establishment – QI3023, a bar that pulsated with energy and intrigue.

Welcomed with open arms, the Earthlings discovered a sanctuary of friendship and possibilities within the walls of QI3023. It was here that their journey would unfold, where stories would intertwine, and where the fusion of cultures and libations would ignite the imagination.

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