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The Determined Monkey

” Do you know how hunters in our world hunt Monkey?’

 Elara, the bartender, approaches you with a knowing smile. 

“Our Hunters have devised a cunning method to trap monkeys. Instead of chasing them or using force, they placed a heavy glass jar filled with the monkey’s favourite treats on the ground… but there was a catch — the jar had a narrow neck.

They’d then step back and hide, waiting for the unsuspecting animal to approach.”

” Pause and take a sip of your infusion…”

Elara continues:

“Curious and enticed by the scent, monkeys would then approach the jar, using their eager hands to grasp the food inside the jar tightly. But as they tried to withdraw their hands, they discovered that the narrow neck prevented their escape as their hand still holding onto the treats. The more they pulled, the more trapped they became.”

“Instead of relinquishing their hold on the food and freeing themselves, the monkeys persisted. Their determination blinds them to the opportunity for liberation. And that’s when the hunters would move in, seizing their chance.”

Moral of the story:

“Do not be ensnared like those monkeys. In life, we must recognise when to relinquish our grip, when to let go of what binds us.

Stubbornness can be our downfall, preventing us from embracing the boundless possibilities that await.


Series number[ 40/91 ]

In the year 3023, Earthlings accidentally discover a new planet name X-TLAS, a realm filled with extraordinary wonders & three unique races thrive harmoniously together…

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Copyright © 2023 Design by Architect of QI3023